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Flower List 2021

Herb List 2021

Perennial List



Tomatoes in Large Pots - 4" pots;$3.50 each Tomatoes in 6- Packs Deep$3.50 each 6-pack
Oregon Spring
Box Car Willie
Delicious Delicious
Celebrity Sungold
Black Krim Sweet Million
Black Cherry
Costoluto Genovese Olpaka Paste
Box Car Willie  
White Tomesol German Johnson
Jet Star Tomatoes in 3" deep Pots $2.50 
Cherokee Purple Sungold 
Pruden's Purple Pruden's Purple 
Orange Beefsteak Italian Black Plum  
Green Zebra Black Krim 
Sungold - Yellow Cherry Wisconsin 
Sweet Million - Red Cherry Cherokee Purple 
Early Girl 
Roma - Paste Black Cherry 
Italian Black Plum  
Olpaka Paste  
Amish Paste  
Peppers in Large Pots - 4"-$3.50 each Peppers in 6-packs -$3.50 per 6-pack
Ace Green Bell Ace Green Bell
King of the North - Green Bell King of the North
Early Jalapeno Jalapeno
Anaheim - Joe E Parker Cayenne
Bulgarian Carrot Hungarian Hot Wax
Cayenne - Long Red Narrow Sweet Banana
Hungarian Hot Wax  
Habanero Peppers in 3" pots-$2.50 each
Jimmy Nardello Thai Hot 
Serrano Tampiguno
  Medusa Pepper 
  Chilly Chili Pepper 
Vegetable 6- packs-$3.50 per 6-pack Vines 3" Individual Pots-$2.50 each

Broccoli - Calabrese, Waltham & De Cicco

Cantaloupe - Halona
Cucumber - Marketmore 76
Cabbage - Stonehead Cucumber - National Pickling
Cabbage - Late Flat Dutch Acorn Squash - Table Queen
Cabbage - Red Perfection Butternut Squash - Waltham
Cauliflower - Snow Crown Delicota Squash - Zepplin
Collards - Champion 6 pack and 3" pot Spaghetti Squash
Pumpkin New England Pie
Pumpkin Halloween
Kale- Blue Curled Scotch, Premier, Red Russian-White Russian Watermelon - Sugar Baby
Zucchini - Raven
Pac Choi Blue Hubbard
Tomatillo - Toma Verde  

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