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I have been digging in the dirt for more years than I will admit. I started helping my parent in their greenhouse when our three children were very small. Since then I have spent most of early Springs in the greenhouses and Summers in the gardens. 

It is such fun to have our Grandchildren  at the farm in the country in the Summer.    There is so much going on in the gardens and woods. Frog, butterflies, fish, agates to pick and swimming in the river. What fun.

  All of my greenhouse plants are grown the same way as when I was a Certified Organic Grower. At the Duluth Farmer Market I have a booth selling plants, perennial, and some painted gourds and pots starting in the Spring. 

My major problem when growing outside is the rats with antlers. They are so much fun to watch but can raise havoc with the gardens. I am always trying different ways to deter them. I might have to resort to just taking their pictures. Now I have another problem getting ready to enter the garden. But she is just a sporadic visitor.


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