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This gourd of monarchs in 5 1/2 " high by 6" wide, hanging by a leather cord with as 1" entrance hole for birds. Crackled finish for a weathered look.

Monarch ... $19.95

The painting on this gourd goes all the way around with an unseen monarch in the back. Hanging by a leather cord with a 1" entrance hole, painted with a crackled look. Measuring 6" high by 5" wide. 

Monarch 2 ... $19.95

A gourd with moths, measuring 5 1/2" high by 5 1/4" wide. Hangs by a leather cord with a 1" entrance hole. I have painted this with a crackled look.

Moths ....... $19.95

Common Blue butterflies adorn this gourd. The entrance hole is 1" and it hangs by a leather cord. The design is painted with a crackled look.

Blue....... $19.95

These gourds have been purchased, I can paint similar ones the size will vary according to the shape of the gourd.

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My Gourds are painted one at a time by me and are sealed with several coats of outdoor sealer. They may be used by birds or as a decorative accent in your home. The stem is not included in the measurements.

Thanks for looking.  

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